The categories of RBras members, all entitled to the benefits listed here, are:

1) Full Member: Professional with Printed Biometrics and Online JABES;
2) Regular Member: Professional with online access to Biometrics and JABES;
3) Senior Member: RBras member aged 70 or over, with the same benefits as a Regular Member;
4) Student Member: Student with the same benefits as Regular Member (needs to present proof of enrolment in an academic degree);
5) SUPP: Supporting Member, member from another region that wants to support RBras.

The values (in Reais) and payment deadlines for the 2022 Annuity are:

CategoryUNTIL 20/11/2023
Full Member220,00
Regular Member160,00
Senior Member40,00
Student Member30,00

To join RBras, please follow these steps:

  1) Choose the membership category;

  2) Make the payment via deposit or bank transfer to the following account

  Bank: Banco do Brasil

  Agency: 0269-0

  Account: 35350-7

  Grantee: REGIAO B S I BIOMETRIA (CNPJ: 64.047.327/0001-00)

After the payment, we request that you send the proof by email to

  3) If the Student category was chosen, please also send the proof of enrolment in an academic degree to, together with proof of payment;

  4) Fill out this form and wait for confirmation of membership via email.


For renew your membership:

  a) Access (enter with your login and password, choose the Members Only tab and My Profile) and update your data if necessary, especially your email must be up to date;

  b) Make the payment, in accordance with current values, via deposit or bank transfer, as described above;

  c) Send proof of payment by email to If there is a change in category, notify the treasury. To maintain the Student category, the member must submit proof of enrollment annually.

  d) The receipt will be sent by RBras to your email.