The Young Researchers from the Brazilian Region of the International Society of Biometrics (JP-RBras) is a group formed by researchers in training or recent graduates from all regions of the country, dedicated to the statistics’ study in biometrics or related areas. The creation of JP-RBras was approved at the RBras general meeting on August 1, 2019, and aims to boost the participation of young researchers in activities related to RBras, allowing for constant renewal in the association’s committees. The JP-RBras charter, approved by the RBras Board of Directors in December 2019, can be found here .

JP-RBras seeks to promote actions that allow greater interaction between researchers and national and international partnerships in the development of scientific projects, exchanges between professionals and the job market, in addition to contributing to the formation of young colleagues interested in areas such as statistics, statistics applied, data science and other fields of interest to RBras.

Nowadays, the group is composed of the following members:

  • Fernanda Venturato Roquim (UFLA, MG; Coordinator);
  • Hayala Cavenague (FMRP / USP, SP; Vice-Coordinator);
  • Miguel Monteiro de Souza (UFPA, PA);
  • Pórtya Piscitelli Cavalcanti (ESALQ / USP, SP);
  • Tiago Olivoto (UFSM, RS);
  • Everton da Costa (UFPE, BA).

If you are a student or acquired your last degree up to 5 years ago and are interested in the proposal of this group, contact us by e-mail and follow us on the Instagram profile @jp.rbras.